You are familiar with the sun but do you know what solar energy is? It is sun-fueled power that can create electricity for your home and we will provide you solar panels. Electricity generated using photovoltaic cells is not the only kind of solar energy available. Instead of manufacturing electricity, solar-thermal panels generate hot water. With solar-thermal panels there’s no electricity involved. The panels come across similar, but where solar panels absorb light particles, solar-thermal panels take up heat. Water flows by means of the panels, and is heated, before being lead into the home water system.


The electrons are then able to jump into the upper layer, using that energy, and exit into the circuit. If you’re wondering how solar energy works, here’s a step-by-step description for you. Light particles (photons) bombard the surface of each solar cell as the sun’s rays shine onto it. This leads to the photon carrying its energy down through the cell. Electrons in the lower layer of the cell receive the power after it is transferred by the photons. Our lights and appliances are actually run by the movement of the electrons through the circuit.




Solar Panels System








Excess electricity can be stored for use when sunlight is scarce. The ability to store excess electricity in batteries means you don’t need to be linked to the grid even for cloudy days. The energy needed overnight is also supplied by these batteries. How many times a battery can be discharged (its “life cycle”) is what determines its suitability for solar cells. Just how much reserve electricity is accessible will depend on usage and size of the battery.

Photovoltaic solar panels are becoming a popular means of off-grid power production. With high power output over long daylight times they can easily provide enough electricity to power the average family home or even several homes. The greatest thing about solar panels is that they are entirely scalable. The more your panels have, the more electricity is provided. Many panels will fail to damage long before their life expectancy has expired. The best method for significantly expanding the life of your Photovoltaic solar panels  is still to clean and service them regularly.

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